Why Should You Visit a Gen Korean BBQ House?


Are you a foodie looking for a new dining experience? This Gen Korean BBQ House, trendy and vibrant restaurant offers an amazing opportunity to indulge in traditional Korean barbecue. From the flavorful marinades to the sizzling grills, it’s an experience that will leave your taste buds singing. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Gen Korean BBQ House – from its unique cuisine to its best dishes – so grab a bib and let’s dig in!

What is a Gen Korean BBQ House?

Gen Korean BBQ House is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in serving delicious Korean BBQ dishes. The concept of the restaurant revolves around cooking your own meat at the table, making it an interactive and entertaining dining experience.

The first Gen Korean BBQ House location opened in Tustin, California in 2012, and since then, has expanded to several other states like Nevada and Texas. The restaurant prides itself on having high-quality meats, fresh ingredients, and excellent service.

One of the unique aspects of Gen Korean BBQ House is their wide selection of different types of meat cuts to choose from including beef brisket, pork belly, short ribs and many more! They also have vegetarian options for those who prefer plant-based meals.

Aside from its delicious food offerings, Gen Korean BBQ House provides a fun atmosphere with its modern decor featuring sleek lines and minimalist design elements that bring out a contemporary vibe.

Whether you are new to Korean cuisine or a seasoned fan looking for an authentic dining experience with friends or family members – visiting Gen Korean BBQ House should be on top of your list!

The Different Types of Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is a unique and exciting dining experience that offers various types of meat to grill at your table. One of the most popular Korean BBQ meats is beef, which comes in different cuts such as short ribs, sirloin, and brisket.

Another popular type of meat is pork belly or samgyupsal in Korean. It’s a fatty cut of pork that’s often seasoned with salt and pepper before grilling. The crispy texture on the outside paired with the juicy center makes it an excellent choice for any barbecue.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try galbi or marinated beef short ribs. Galbi is sweet and savory thanks to its marinade made from soy sauce, sugar, garlic, onions among other things. This dish always satisfies those who seek flavors beyond basic saltiness.

For seafood lovers out there looking for something lighter but still flavorful might want to try grilled squid (ohjinguh) or shrimp (seafood). These dishes are typically served alongside dipping sauces like sesame oil mixed with salt & pepper.

Lastly but not least important if you’re vegetarian, Gen Korean BBQ House has got you covered! Tofu Ssamjang-gui can be an alternative source of protein while giving off a smoky flavor after being grilled perfectly over charcoal fire.

The Benefits of Eating Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is not just a delicious culinary experience, but it also offers numerous health benefits. One of the primary advantages of eating Korean BBQ is that it’s an excellent source of protein. The meat served in Korean BBQ contains essential amino acids that help build and repair muscle tissues.

Another benefit of consuming Korean BBQ is that it’s typically prepared with minimal oil or fats, making it a healthier option for those who are health-conscious. Vegetables such as lettuce and kimchi are often served alongside meats which provide additional vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Moreover, most Korean dishes are cooked at the table on grills which allow excess fat from the meat to drip away while cooking. This makes Korean BBQ an ideal choice for people looking for a low-fat meal option.

Apart from being healthy, dining at Gen Korean BBQ House provides you with social benefits too! The restaurant has created an interactive way to dine where individuals can grill their own food on smokeless grills right at their tables! It’s perfect for family outings or hanging out with friends!

Eating Korean BBQ provides more than just a great taste; it’s packed full of nutritional goodness too! So next time you’re planning your meals, consider visiting Gen Korean BBQ House –you’ll get all these amazing benefits plus more!

The Best Dishes at Gen Korean BBQ House

At Gen Korean BBQ House, there is a wide array of dishes to choose from that are cooked using only the freshest ingredients. One of their most popular dishes is the Galbi, which consists of marinated beef short ribs that are grilled to perfection. The meat is tender and flavorful, providing a unique dining experience.

Another must-try dish at Gen Korean BBQ House is Bulgogi. This classic Korean barbecue favorite features thinly sliced ribeye steak that has been marinated in a blend of soy sauce, sugar, garlic and sesame oil for a deliciously sweet and savory flavor.

If you’re looking for something spicy, try their Spicy Pork Belly which offers succulent slices of pork belly coated in red pepper paste marinade with just enough heat to give your taste buds an extra kick.

For seafood lovers out there, they offer Shrimp Scampi along with Lobster Garlic Noodles; both have fresh seafood flavors bursting through every bite.

Lastly but not least their Tofu Soup (Sununu-jjigae) made with soft tofu simmered in a rich broth alongside various vegetables such as mushrooms and green onions surely won’t disappoint vegetarians or those opting for lighter fare.

It’s safe to say whatever dish you decide on at Gen Korean BBQ House will leave you satisfied!


Visiting a Gen Korean BBQ House is an experience like no other. You get to indulge in different types of delicious Korean BBQ dishes that are prepared by expert chefs. The restaurant’s comfortable and cozy ambiance also makes it the perfect place for families and friends to gather and enjoy quality time together while enjoying great food.

Whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian, there is always something on the menu that will tickle your taste buds at Gen Korean BBQ House. So next time you’re looking for a unique dining experience, be sure to head over to one of their many locations across the country!

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