Tyre Polishing Tips To Make Your Tyres Shine

Tyre Polishing Tips: Your car’s tyres go through a lot of dirt and grease as well as tears. One needs the right product that will give the tyres a new shine and look. However, it is important to choose a good tyre shiner that not only makes the tires shine but also increases their durability

Car detailing is a series of steps that protects and enhances the appearance of the car. One has to treat multiple issues of the car. Each requires a specific product and set of steps. To make sure the car gets the right treatment, many uses detailing products for cars to achieve that blinding shine. 

Tyre Polishing Tips and Tricks to Make Your Tires Shine

#1 Clean the Tires Thoroughly

The obvious first step in this process is to clean the tires of your car thoroughly. The dirty tyres have accumulated dirt and grease and gravel from all the travel. It needs a thorough and deep cleaning. Just hosing the tire will not get it clean sufficiently.

You will have to get your hands dirty. Use a scrubber with a cleaning liquid. Hose down the initial layer of dirt. Then scrub with a rough brush and clean the tires with the liquid. Clean off all the dirt before applying the shine.

#2 Dry the Tyres

The second step of the tyre polishing tips includes the drying of the tyres. After the thorough wash, you need to let your tyres dry. You can let the tyres air dry. You can also sponge off the excess water from the tyre with a microfiber cloth. 

It is better to do it on completely dry tires. Dry tires reduce the chances of products slipping off the surface.

#3 Tyre Polishing Tips for Application of Tyre Shine

Read through the instructions that come on the product label. Apply the polish accordingly. Each product comes with its applicators. Be careful when using aerosol spray cans. There will be a chance of the product getting in the brakes. This can damage the brakes. Wear protective gloves when you apply solvent-based products.

#4 Let the Shine Sit in the Tyre

You need to let the tyre shine product sit in the tyres for a while. The duration is usually mentioned on the product label. Leave it out for 10-20 minutes just for safe measure. 

Here is another one of the tyre polishing tips. Let the layer of shine dry out and sit comfortably on the car body. Refrain from driving your car immediately. This could ruin the whole process.

#5 Wipe off the Excess Tyre Shine

Your car does not need the entire excess product. You can dab off the extra products on the tires. This is an important step to make sure that the brake dust and grime from the road do not stick to the tires. 

Additionally, properly cleaned tyres will easily absorb the shine. So, you do not have to dab off extra products. This way you can avoid wasting a lot of the product.

#6 Water-Based Versus Solvent-Based

Here is an overview of what kind of product you should go for. One is water-based and the other one is solvent-based. The only difference is the “carrier system”. Here are the best tyre polishing tips for these two types of products.

Solvent-based uses a hydrocarbon silicone whereas water-based as the name puts it uses water. The water-based liquid is generally a combination of natural oils as well as synthetic polymers. They provide a non-greasy and satin finish. This almost looks similar to a new tyre. 

Some water-based dressings also have UVR-blocking factors.  This prevents the tyres from cracking. However, the biggest plus point of the water-based polish is that it is environmentally friendly.

The solvent in the case of tyre polishing tips leaves a glossy film on the outer surface. However, these products contain petroleum distillate that may lead to premature drying and cracking of the tyre.

#7 Your Tyres Need Regular Cleaning

It is a given that you must clean your tyres regularly to give the car a polished look. Since it is the part of the car exposed most to the road, it requires a lot more care that the rest of the ride.  

Dirty wheels are not aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, cleaning the tires is a great way to ensure further corrosion or damage. Letting the dirt and grime build-up will make the rims porous.  

Clean your tyres bi-monthly to ensure a perfect drive without any issues. These tyre polishing tips will make your tyre shine brightly. For a long time, you will enjoy the shine and “new look” of your tyre

This simple procedure will not take much time to complete. You only need a few minutes per tyre. The result will leave you with protected tyres that look fresh off the shelf of the showroom.

With products from Carorbis, you can get your tyres to shine like a star. This is the fastest and easiest way you can make your tyres shine. Make it look like a professional job from the experts using the above-mentioned tyre polishing tips

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