Shark Week 2022 with These Fun Facts

Shark Week 2022 is quickly approaching, and we can’t wait! In honor of this fantastic occasion, we’ve compiled a list of interesting shark facts to get you psyched. Did you know there are over 400 distinct shark species? Or that certain sharks can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour? Continue reading for more shark trivia!


Deep seas are home to one-third of all shark species, with the majority of these sharks growing to barely a few feet in length. Sharks have an amazing sense of smell and can detect blood in saltwater at one part per million. They also have rows of strong, serrated teeth that they employ to grab and rip apart their prey.

Sharks have been present for millions of years, predating dinosaurs in certain cases. Sharks can even change the salt levels in their eyes and gills to survive in both fresh and salt water.

Sharks, despite their reputation as ravenous predators, serve a crucial part in managing the ocean’s ecology by keeping other fish populations in control. Sharks are frequently overfished and have suffered considerably from habitat damage and pollution, thus it is critical to conserve them.

What is the best way to watch and download Shark Week 2022?

Shark Week 2022 is available for free on the Discovery Go app. The majority of Shark Week programming will also be available live on Discovery Channel. You may also get information on new programming and special guests by visiting Discovery’s website or the event’s official Facebook page. You must join up for a membership plan in order to get entire episodes from past years. On Discovery’s social media channels, you may also discover Shark Week highlights, images, and other information.

Is it safe for children?

Shark Week 2022 is appropriate for the majority of children. While some of the content may be too severe for young viewers, there are several instructive and enjoyable program available to assist children learn more about sharks and the ocean environment. If you are afraid that your kid may be terrified or overwhelmed by a specific episode, watch it with them and give assistance as required. Set limits on screen time and content consumption as well.

We hope these interesting facts have piqued your interest in Shark Week 2022! Keep the ocean clean, safeguard endangered species, and always appreciate sharks in their natural habitat.

How can I watch online?

Shark Week 2022 may be seen online via the Discovery Go app (available on iOS and Android). You may also watch the Discovery Channel live or get material updates on their official website, Facebook page, and social media profiles. You may also purchase subscription plans to get whole episodes from previous years.

Is it free to download?

The majority of Shark Week 2022 content is available for free. You may watch live on the Discovery Channel and the Discovery Go app, and you can also get updates through their website, Facebook page, and other media feeds. To download entire episodes from previous years, you must join up for a membership plan.


Shark Week 2022 is a thrilling event that celebrates these incredible creatures while also educating audiences about their relevance in the ocean environment. There’s much to enjoy for both kids and adults with a range of shows, films, photographs, and other stuff. Watch the Discovery Channel live or get content updates from their website, Facebook page, and social media profiles, and remember to join up for a subscription plan if you want to download entire program from previous years. Keep the ocean clean, safeguard endangered species, and always treat sharks with respect in their natural habitat.

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