Petrina”Trina”Seaton Died in Atlanta Georgia Unexpectedly (causes unknown) Age Died 49

Survived By Relatives Son Deon D Wilson Jr. and Granddaughter Kristlen & Nacy Wilson Grandson Deon D Wilson The Third. Brother: Louis Seaton Jr. Sisters Tawana Seaton, Marredia Seaton & Tiawna Seaton.Nieces: Desiree Mclin, Anayah Ellis, Samantha Seaton, Ashley Seaton, Noel Seaton. Nephews : Allen Frost, Michael Seaton, And Other (Tiawana Son).

Petrina L. Seaton was an amazing mother, daughter, sister, family member and so much more. We will miss her and hears little bit more info & things about her. She was a woman of God who attended church regularly and believed her faith is was important and spreaded the word of God to all. she loves her grandchildren and bought them things as much as she could all the time and spend most of the time with Her Seaton family. she loves to teach and became a teacher homeschooled her son even in high school. She definitely was a woman of many gifts and talents working in many churches,events,functions and always assist in to lend a hand. She will Miss and forever loved.

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