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Misty Blanco’s Hit Song “Lady” is the #1 Valentines Song Choice of The Year for 2023

Misty Blanco

MISTY BLANCO The Blaquanese Rockstar, has raised the standard for originality and sound quality in the modern music industry. Melodic Bop is a kind of music created by Misty Blanco with a unique sound and flavour. The theatrical manifestation of music and art is Melodic Bop. Every theatrical artist resides there.

Today, over 400 Billboard reporting stations play Misty Blanco’s songs worldwide. She continues to rank among the top 10 in the European Billboard, demonstrating her achievement in making a name for herself as a credible performer. Despite her success, she still has huge dreams and hopes to be like Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, as she admires them in the music industry. She is anticipated to become the next billionaire in the movie and music industries as early as now.

On NOV 29, 2022, a beautiful single song, “Lady”, is released by theatrical artist Misty Blanco. She gave a sneak peek of the song on September 27, 2022.

What is the song “Lady” about?

The song would be about Misty Blanco’s idea of her man if she were in a relationship. Only listening to the song can make you understand how Misty Blanco wants her man to treat her.

She discussed the love relationship between a man and a woman in the Moorish Muslim tradition in Lady. In a few places, she used Arabic to express herself. The voice, lyrics, and the violin by the violinist “Reina Hondo”, will force you to listen to this song again and over.

“LADY” balances the music industry’s content.

The November release of “Music Box”, the “Moonlight Edition”, LADY, is timeless and pure. Misty Blanco is publicly appreciated for her persona, brand, and way of life, in addition to her music. This song was fresh air compared to other female artists, such as Gorilla Pimp, who frequently talks about how she likes semen in her food, and she likes to eat it, she said that in interviews. Other famous female artists are also doing the same. None of them considers that minors are watching and listening to them. Thus, they ought to refrain from including songs with explicit adult content. Yet Blanco acted.

Misty Blanco
Misty Blanco

Her song “LADY” is a balance to the music industry. She expressed in quite an attractive manner what kind of love she thinks is necessary and what she desires. Posting it on her social media, she said:

“Blaque Men, I adore you. This is my gift to all of my Blaque Men. Blaque is not a race but an approach to life. Blaque is an acronym for Believing in Life Achieving a Quest to Unite Everything. That is what Blaque implies; thus, I adore all of my men! I am not a racist! Now is the time for my new single. I love this song very much. It’s different because I’m communicating with my strong, courageous Blaque men worldwide in a Halal Language (she meant Arabic or Muslim culture here). Many of Blaque guys are wounded and yearning for themselves in ways that we women may never fully understand. I wrote this song as a dedication to all the males who only need us to hug them and understand them because they need our love on a different, divine level. The new smash song “Lady” is coming soon, featuring violinist Reina Hondo.”

She described it perfectly. One of Hadith says: “The husband is obliged to live with his wife in kindness, keeping good company with her, refraining from hurting her, treating her well, and being nice to her.” This is the kind of compassion and warmth she expresses in her song. The lyrics say:

“He loves his Muslimah.

He ain’t chasing these thots.

He loves when I’m grabbed because I’m getting close to God.

He treats me like a lady,

I’m the Venice to his Mars.”

It’s mesmerizing to think the Rockstar Misty Blanco has such an idea of men in her mind. She just gave a perfect picture to her emotions in her song “Lady”.

The song is available on Amazon. Listen to it, and you will feel good music is coming back. The song is a perfect definition of thinking out of the box and uniquely covers the emotions of Misty Blanco.

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